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"Adventures in New Orleans Jazz Part 1"
The surprises on "Adventures in New Orleans Jazz, Vol. 1" begin with the very first notes, a repeating figure on the balafon--the ancient West African ancestor of the xylophone--echoed in succession by plucked banjo strings, a plucked string bass, and the rhythmic texture of a shekere, the African percussive instrument made from a gourd and covered in tightly-knit, beaded webbing.
"Marc Broussard"
Singer and songwriter Marc Broussard’s self-titled second album for Atlantic Records moves away from his back-to-basics approach. He and Atlantic decided to up the ante commercially here.
"Age of the Underdog"
Stephen Speaks’ first major studio album, "Age Of The Underdog," was recorded in summer of 2010 with producer Brady Blade, who also played drums on the album. A documentary was also filmed about the making of the record. Both the DVD and record were release in 2011.
"Home by the River"
It seems Drew Young has been kissed by a voodoo high priestess recently. Back in New Orleans by way of New York, Drew’s been cutting his teeth on that Crescent City sound.
"Horses and High Heels"
"Horses and High heels" is a varied and compelling record comprising 13 tracks, only four of which are original, that were recorded in New Orleans at the tail end of last year.
"Nine Lives: The Musical Adaptation"
The "Nine Lives" album is a musical adaptation of the New York Times bestselling book “Nine Lives” by Dan Baum (New York: Spiegel & Grau, 2009). The non-fiction book is a remarkable oral history of New Orleans in the forty years (1965-2005) between hurricanes Betsy and Katrina.
"En Francais: Cajun ‘n’ Creole Rock ‘n’ Roll"
Arnaudville's Bayou Teche Brewing, in collaboration with Louis Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers, the Lafayette Convention and visitors commission and Louisiana Folk Roots released "En Francais - Cajun and Creole Rock and Roll."
"Happy Talk"
Trumpeter/vocalist Kermit Ruffins is steeped in the various musical strains of New Orleans.
Music for the motion picture The Switch
Award-winning composer Alex Wurman composed the original score for the motion picture The Switch.